Friday, April 3, 2009


Gosh! This week was a tiring one! Despite sleeping before midnight every night, I was still freaking sleepy by the end of the day.

*BIG Yawn*

Cambodia post should be up next week, hopefully. Still in the initial phase of pictures editing. Blame on lack of time to edit. Hehe!

Today I shall talk bout Skytrex!

Skytrex Adventure, located in Taman Pertanian Malaysia Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam in Shah Alam, offers an outdoor recreational activity that makes everyone's heart pumps faster and proves that Charles Darwin's theory is true!


If you're wondering what nonsense I'm talking about, you'll know why later. Those who went before will understand gua.

Months ago, (really really MONTHS ago), Satkuru, William and I decided to give a go after hearing/reading about it from Sat's friend, David who happens to be a volunteer there.

We drove all the way there on a sunny afternoon. After reaching, Satkuru gave his name at the counter and three of us were 'chauffered' on a bus to the heart of the reserved forest.

After 20 minutes of bumpy bus ride, the sight of net, ropes and planks greeted us.

We walked towards a small hut where we registered and signed an indemnity form. Then we kept our bags in their locker, got our harness and gloves and walked toward the training site where we'll be given a short briefing and tried all the obstacles on a smaller scale.

Because there's a group of people at the 'training site', we explored the 'Little Adventure' course which caters the kids and took few pictures of the area.

So damn heavy, but luckily not I carried. Hahaha!

The group took such a longgggg time at the training site that we waited almost an hour there!

And then it was our turn. It was SOOOOO FUNNNNN! Especially the flying fox. However climbing the net after the flying fox was abit hard for me. I'm not a monkey ler!

Once finished all the obstacles in the training ground, we started our real stinct! Yeah!

In order to clear the whole course, we had to move from tree to tree via few routes suspended from 3m to 22m above ground. These courses totally test our strength, conquer our fear and push our ability to the max!

First, we had to climb a ladder mounted to very long tree! All the way UP to the first platform. It may look easy, but seriously after halfway thru, you'll feel like giving up. T.T

Then it was the part where I love! The hanging bridge!

How I wished I can took my own sweet time walking through the bridge.
But I CANT since there's freaking someone yelling CEPAT CEPAT. ZZzzzz... Potong stim.

And then the real deal came. Walking through the zig-zag planks, 'hopping' the 2 ft apart planks, walking through swinging logs, flying fox - total of 23 obstacles that will definitely put your body to extreme pains for days. Unless you got a good stamina ler. Hahaha!

However, if you're the 'chicken' type of person or realise that you unable to overcome your fear, there's always a exit point for you to cabut. Haha.

We finished the whole course at around 4 something, if not mistaken. It rained soooo heavily after that. IT was really blast, but it WOULD be better if we weren't rush to finish up the whole thing faster due to the weather la. zzz.

Conclusion, SkyTrex is indeed MUST-TRY activity if you're the adventurous seeker. If you're not, you can still try it - for fun. Lol!

P/s - Didn't take much picture as my dslr is carried by Sat while doing the challenges and Satkuru stopped talking pictures after being rushed and I didn't get pictures from William.

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