Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hiao italy tapoh..

I got abit tensed up with those SPSS tutorials and works until this man or should I say ITALY MAN (don't people from Italy called themselves Italian?) messaged me on MSN...

It just happened like half an hour ago... says:

Angeline says:
hie.. may i know who r u? says:
ı m ıtaly man

Angeline says:
italy man?
(damn suspicious d) says:

Angeline says:
i see..
where you get my msn contact from?
(feeling very very weird) says:
u want see my hard big dick now ? ı m naked and hard

Angeline says:
really? why not i show ur dick to my male colleague who sits beside me and let him laugh real hard at u?
(annoyed) says:
ı m very hard and ı want cum now

Angeline says:
go on.. go on.
im not interested says:
later ok ?

Angeline says:
well.. now or later oso im not interested
im into girl
(getting annoyed, but still wanna continue talking cz tension) says:
ı want see your face only

Angeline says:
im ugly, fat and dark..
u sure u wanna see says:
ı love ugly fat and dark

Angeline says:
i bet u're ugly fat n dark too
that's why u love one.
(time to release AK-16) says:
yes for u
ı m very hard now

Angeline says:
why you need a face when u're hard n cuming soon?
plus, i got no time for this..
i rather talk to my girlfriends than waiting for u to cum..
(annoyance level tahap 50 d plus I don't care bout his hardness can) says:
fast cum ı m very horny

Angeline says:
sorry pal, u're horny, im not
so, go find other victim
go go
*shoo says:
u send my mail other horny girlfriends says:

(rolling eyes and annoyance level tahap 99.99!)
Angeline says:
sorry.. my horny gf only into me... not into some ITALY MAN says:
ı want show you now
u open face only

Angeline says:
what kind of 'england' u're speaking now...
how to open face for god sake..

and he kept pestering me to webcam with him. I bid him goodbye and ended the conversation by blocking him.

Damn annoying sicko man.


Normally, if I come across with this type of guy, I'll block him directly. But today since I'm abit (seeing stars) after looking at the computer screen, so decided to continue this mo liu chat.


Now back to my SPSS tutorial! :)

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