Monday, March 30, 2009

Secret Garden

It's weekdays again!
Blah.. Don't really like weekdays anymore since weekdays = working days. LOL!

*Check time* Walao.. It's 10.28 d. Gonna do a quick update and then hop to bed d. Don't know why I feel like blogging today and show to the world the wonderful flowers and fruits in mah beu-ti-ful garden. So, do bear with the less-words-post ya. :)

All the pictures were taken with mah 50mm lens. Quite blur for some as it was quite windy and cloudy that day. A good day for gardening though. Hehe.

Below were my neighbour's flower. Didn't know what's it called, but it's really nice. I want that type of flower as my future wedding flower! ROFLMAO!

More flowers. This time with a bug.

I decorated my garden with a windmill 2 months ago. I love looking at the windmill, spinning and spinning and spinning...

There's a jambu tree in my garden. A small tree but already bears fruits. Yumyum~

The best thing is the fruits are all sweet! Hmm... Can still taste the sweetness of the guava. :P

It was quite nice taking pictures of the flowers. It made me feel bonded to the nature and just appreciate the beauty of mother Earth.

Ahh.. Small purple flower standing tall among the green leaves, looking up at the blue sky full of cotton-ly clouds.

That's sneak peek of what my garden has in store. Time to sleep now. Goodnight :)

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