Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mysterious Egg

Sorry for the very late posting. Been going straight to bed half an hour after coming out from bathroom. Obviously half an hour won't be enough to chat, facebook, plurk, bloghop, shout and edit pictures.

Even now I'm yawning. Darn.


Last Sunday, I was woken up by my dad's shocking news - eggs found in the garden! He asked me to grab my DSLR and followed him down to the garden.

But I forgotten to charge my battery as it has dried the last time I used it. So, I told him that I had to charge it first and shall see the eggs later.

As sun setting down, I ran to the garden with both my lens, the 50mm and kit lens, but decided to use 50mm to take the pictures. (I want bokeh-kan my picture!)

My dad had already dug up the eggs from the sand filled polystyrene box and placed them on the pottery plate at the road bank for photography purposes.

My 3rd-house-neighbours was walking past my house with their twins that time, was wondering what were I taking picture of and decided to linger for awhile after seeing the tiny eggs.

We were all wondering what eggs were that, all started to guess if the eggs was the snake's that used to trespass our garden or the lizard's that roams freely in our garden or something else.

Dad ended all our speculations by conducting a mini dissection on one of the egg! Using a spade and a pair of scissors! Haha!

I even jokingly asked him if he needs my sis's dissection tool to open up the egg. Lol!

When dad saw the yolk, he thought probably this egg was still at earlier stage, the embryo wasn't even formed yet. And even wanted to open up another one, but I stopped him.

Feeling dissatisfied, he pulled out the yolk and he found the tiny lil 'body' with 2 black eyes attached to the yolk.

Carefully he pulled out the yolk, and there we can clearly see which species owns those 8 eggs.

And it belonged to the familar she-lizard at our garden. I heard that there's a he-lizard at the 3rd-house-neighbour's garden, so probably both of them mate and tadaaa... 8 eggs hidden in the pile of unused sand in the polystrene box.

After the mini experiment, the rest of the eggs were buried back into the polystrene box filled with sand. :)

Maybe few weeks later, there will be few baby lizards running freely in the garden. Hmm, to think bout it, keeping the eggs is a good thing or bad. *pondering*

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