Sunday, March 22, 2009

Fullhouse at NZX, Ara Damansara

What will a bunch of crazy people do when they meet up?

Hmm.. Maybe I should get that hat since it made me look feminine! AHAKS!

This is a backlog post again, for I didn't have any news to blog bout currently. If you're expecting Cambodia posts from me, don't worry then cz I'll start them in April! :)

IT was somewhere in late November when I met up with them for the last time before I head back to Penang for good. Besides making this a 'surprise' party for Mr. Leong (which was also a surprise farewell party for me as well), we decided to venture into new place for food instead of the ol' Murni, Chilis, TGIF etc2.

And after reading numerous blogs and recommendation from Jess and Steven(they went there not long ago, if not mistaken), we settled for Fullhouse.

I was awed when I walked into this place. It was so cosy, modern, white, sleek, chic, and and.. I should probably stop describing on as might end up writing adjectives that carries the same meaning here. Lol!

I simply adore all the things that are being sold in this 'lifestyle store/cafe'. But, I didn't bother to check on the price though, as I was at the verge of being broke that month. Too many outings! T.T

We were led to upstairs to a white lonnnng table of 10 and were given 3 kawaii-looking-menu ONLY. I was like, wtfish.. Why gave us 3 menu when there were 6 of us there?

So I thought MAYBEEE they didn't expect they'll have many customers dining, so didn't bother to 'print' much menu.

Or maybe the waiter thought that sharing is caring. LOL!

Oh well, we took turns to read the menu, placed our orders, continued chatting, and snapping while waiting for another 2 kawan to come.

One by one, our drinks came. They were very colourful, I likey!

But the thing that really caught my eyes was the stirrer. Those cute lil glasses at the end of the stirrer, awww... I want oneeee.... Eh no, I want allllllll... *greed clouded my mind*

If you look careful enough, you can spot Aaron's signature eyebrow in the picture above. Hiak hiak hiak!

Then slowly the food came. First, Steven's nasi lemak.

Followed by Aaron's steak.

And Jess's chicken chop. Very big hor the potion!

Lastly, B's fish and chips.

If you were wondering what Mr. Leong and I had that night, I'll gladly tell you that we ordered
their famous wok-seor chicken chop that came more than 2 hours later. T.T

You must be thinking, how could it be that long? I must be miscalculating the time.

Well, WaiSeng and Crystal came an hour late due to traffic jam had ordered and finished their food, yet our food haven't arrived. Aaron even had second rounds after feeling that he wasn't full, still no food in front of us. And my gastric already attacking my poor stomach that time. T.T

Yes, it was that bad. Up the extend that Mr. Leong bising-ed there and demanded to see the manager. (Don't ever anger our Mr. Leong, lol).

And the reason of all those delay?

IS because they didn't key in our order. -_-"

Again, I was shocked to hear that. I'm pretty sure that I wasn't the last person to place order, moreover we ordered 2 of those, not one. So, how can they didn't/forgotten to key in our order. Plus, we did remind them over and over again for our food when we realised that something was amiss. So, giving that kind of reason was simply ridiculous and unacceptable!

Apparently our table wasn't the only one had trouble that night, some other table had problems too. I heard from the guys when they settled the bill downstairs, one of the customers even told to the cashier that they'll never dine there again due to bad service.

I was like, WAHHHH! That terrible ar?!

Anyway, after we got our food, Mr. Leong's anger gone down the drain and everyone was back to joyful mood. We had some 'photography session' at the table and at the 'bedroom section' with the props before leaving Fullhouse.

Aww.. the menu cute kan? :)

IF you ask me is it worth going to Fullhouse for a meal, I would say it's IF you're going for the atmosphere. The food is rather okay only so yeah, I'd say your money goes to the atmosphere, the-special-feel' and the kawaii-looking-décors found in the building. :)

Before ending this post, I MUST MUST MUST post this pic where I look ala Paris Hilton (minus the clothing la) while B look like a nerd from school!

B don't keeeel me ya.. *hides under blanket*

( Hugs and Kisses and Love and Kisses)

P/s - To the people who went with me, MANA PHOTOS! Especially the group photos, I want them!!!

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