Wednesday, March 18, 2009

'cherry blossom' in Penang :)

I'm kinda pissed at the amount of people asking me if I've started working yet, where, when starting etc2 when I've worked at my dad's office on and off for like last 3 months. Don't tell me working at dad's office is not counted! If it's not counted, then what I did there? SLEEPING IZIT? Zzzzz... Plus HE GAVE ME SALARY OKAY!

It's sakura seasonnnnnn peeps!!!!

Today I'm in blogging mood despite being soooooo sleepy and tired! Yay for you guys right? (macam lar ada orang baca blog i. swt) But it'll be a short post, instead of long winded one. That I'll save like for friday or saturday okay? :)

What were we ya?

Ohya. The sakura season.

Seems like we have our own version of sakura hana here. And the cherry blossom-like flowers just sprouts up like wildfire and within a week, I can see that type of tree almost everywhere I went.

However, I hateeee one thing bout them. Those flowers would easily fall off and land on the ground or somewhere when there's a breeze. I know it looks nice, as the flowers 'decorating' the ground, making them looks like a carpet. BUT as the time passes by, those pretty pink/white/purple flowers on the ground turn brown and the whole thing will become an eyesore. T.T

Still, I love looking at them. Ahh.. they're lovely! *lovesick*

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