Saturday, March 14, 2009

Again, Redang 2008 :)

I seriously miss Redang. I really do. Looking at my gallery on Redang island yesterday (for blogging purpose) really made me feel like going to the nearby island (not Penang island, swt) and relax there. ahh~

Probably I should go back there - or go to Perhentian. I want island vacation. Deprieved of one. T.T

Anyway, now back to my Redang post part II - let us see more pictures of Redang. Maybe seeing them back could make you guys feel like going there again with me ler. *shifty look*

Ops. Wrong picture. Haha. That's Daniel pointing to Shoutout logo drawn by Lasker. Well, they're trying to promote Shoutout there - but they didn't leave behind the url, how can people join wor. Hmm.

Anyway, today I shall bring you to another part of the island. :)

From our resort, we walked towards nearly end of the beach, past a 100m of lalang field, balanced ourselves for a stretch of uneven stone-y and dead corals bay, climbed up few big stones, skipped to avoid a small river of waste water while pinching our nose and finally another 100m of tar road to reach this popular beach - the Long Beach. (If not mistaken, ppl called that Long Beach lar. Lmao)

It was definitely worth going all those to reach here since it was more happening here, especially night time. Probably because few popular resorts are located here, like the Laguna Redang Resort.

Plus the colourful iconic house, More More Tea Inn - popularised by the movie Summer Holiday, is situated here too. Well, the More More Tea Inn is not an inn, but a two storey gift shop.

and not forgetting the most-photographed-thing-in-Redang, the headless woodboard. Lol!

Not enough for all the guys I guess. They had to take turns. Lol!

It was fun hanging out there. You can just wear your sunnies and just observing people like what Wendy did. :)

Or just snipe at pretty bikini girl.. *phew-witttt*

or jump around with a bunch of crazy people like what they did here. Lol!

Or just soaked ur feets onto the cold sand. :)

(Argh! All those really made me miss my island vacation alot! T.T )

We made several trips back and fro between our resort and Long Beach. We even went at night! But that was only once, and we spotted a rather reddish moon. Or was it purplish? I can't remember. Lol!

Our vacation was so freaking relaxing (goodness, the hammock lying thingy was so blardy nice! - i forgot to add in earlier) that almost everyone was so reluctant to head home. We went for 4 days 3 nights; a day longer than my previous Redang trip, but it was nicer! The last time I went, I didn't have enough of Redang and therefore I decided to go back there again in 2008. But now, I guess I shall put Redang aside and start looking for the possible islands to go. Like Perhentian, Phi Phi, Phuket or even Krabi. Hehehe!

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