Friday, May 1, 2009


I'm movinggggggggggggggggggggg!!!!


No more It's now DOT COM! Muahahaha!

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hiao italy tapoh..

I got abit tensed up with those SPSS tutorials and works until this man or should I say ITALY MAN (don't people from Italy called themselves Italian?) messaged me on MSN...

It just happened like half an hour ago... says:

Angeline says:
hie.. may i know who r u? says:
ı m ıtaly man

Angeline says:
italy man?
(damn suspicious d) says:

Angeline says:
i see..
where you get my msn contact from?
(feeling very very weird) says:
u want see my hard big dick now ? ı m naked and hard

Angeline says:
really? why not i show ur dick to my male colleague who sits beside me and let him laugh real hard at u?
(annoyed) says:
ı m very hard and ı want cum now

Angeline says:
go on.. go on.
im not interested says:
later ok ?

Angeline says:
well.. now or later oso im not interested
im into girl
(getting annoyed, but still wanna continue talking cz tension) says:
ı want see your face only

Angeline says:
im ugly, fat and dark..
u sure u wanna see says:
ı love ugly fat and dark

Angeline says:
i bet u're ugly fat n dark too
that's why u love one.
(time to release AK-16) says:
yes for u
ı m very hard now

Angeline says:
why you need a face when u're hard n cuming soon?
plus, i got no time for this..
i rather talk to my girlfriends than waiting for u to cum..
(annoyance level tahap 50 d plus I don't care bout his hardness can) says:
fast cum ı m very horny

Angeline says:
sorry pal, u're horny, im not
so, go find other victim
go go
*shoo says:
u send my mail other horny girlfriends says:

(rolling eyes and annoyance level tahap 99.99!)
Angeline says:
sorry.. my horny gf only into me... not into some ITALY MAN says:
ı want show you now
u open face only

Angeline says:
what kind of 'england' u're speaking now...
how to open face for god sake..

and he kept pestering me to webcam with him. I bid him goodbye and ended the conversation by blocking him.

Damn annoying sicko man.


Normally, if I come across with this type of guy, I'll block him directly. But today since I'm abit (seeing stars) after looking at the computer screen, so decided to continue this mo liu chat.


Now back to my SPSS tutorial! :)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

back from hiatus!

Yooooo peeps!
I'm back for erm... a while.
Been busy with other things that left me not much time for blogging. Sigh.
Been very tired and drained and not to mention not having proper sleep for days. But somehow I feel that I should blog something here eventho it's a rather short one. :)

I realised that I've been working for more than a month now. When I went back to my granny's house for chengbeng 3 weeks ago, one of my relative asked me about my work and what's my feeling when I received my first hard earned salary. She asked if I felt satisfied and proud when I got my salary?

I told her that I just felt normal. And she gave me this -_-" look.

It's not that I don't feel happy for earning my own money. Just that I did earn while working with my dad, so what's the different with earning money from other people? The end result is important for me, that's I get money to save and spend and it doesn't matter if the money is from my dad or other people. Get it?

But one thing that I learnt from working out (as in not with my dad) is how to prepare myself to handle and deal with people with different character. Plus, it's vital to think ahead in certain times and how to save my butt from troubles.

I enjoyed my working life eventho I have to battle terrible jam on the way to and from work. And eventho I have to face and meet some difficult people, but overall I do enjoy working there. I guess the colleagues that I always breakfast and lunch with, manage to make the worries of battling jams and handling difficult people smaller.

In short, I do look forward to work, really! :)

But still I want to complain!


Ok. End of complain. Lol!

10th April was my beloved Mr. Bf's birthday! We had a wonderful celebration and THAT I'll blog other day la. Quite late d, so kinda sleepy. :)

See the cute face... aww.. my heart melt d...

In short last weekends were one of the unforgettable ones, and I truly miss him a lot lot lot (despite the roti canai trick he pulled on me, hmph).

Anyway, I did promise to start blogging on my Cambodia trip this month, but I think I'll start in few days time - HOPEFULLY. Already done editing pictures on day 1! Below is one of my favourite pictures taken in day 1 *beamed* Lol!

Itu tuk-tuk yang dinaiki oleh cik ai~ cik em~ encik woolala~ and encik liam~!

I ought to head to bed now. Time to sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep people!
Goonai~~~ :)

Friday, April 3, 2009


Gosh! This week was a tiring one! Despite sleeping before midnight every night, I was still freaking sleepy by the end of the day.

*BIG Yawn*

Cambodia post should be up next week, hopefully. Still in the initial phase of pictures editing. Blame on lack of time to edit. Hehe!

Today I shall talk bout Skytrex!

Skytrex Adventure, located in Taman Pertanian Malaysia Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam in Shah Alam, offers an outdoor recreational activity that makes everyone's heart pumps faster and proves that Charles Darwin's theory is true!


If you're wondering what nonsense I'm talking about, you'll know why later. Those who went before will understand gua.

Months ago, (really really MONTHS ago), Satkuru, William and I decided to give a go after hearing/reading about it from Sat's friend, David who happens to be a volunteer there.

We drove all the way there on a sunny afternoon. After reaching, Satkuru gave his name at the counter and three of us were 'chauffered' on a bus to the heart of the reserved forest.

After 20 minutes of bumpy bus ride, the sight of net, ropes and planks greeted us.

We walked towards a small hut where we registered and signed an indemnity form. Then we kept our bags in their locker, got our harness and gloves and walked toward the training site where we'll be given a short briefing and tried all the obstacles on a smaller scale.

Because there's a group of people at the 'training site', we explored the 'Little Adventure' course which caters the kids and took few pictures of the area.

So damn heavy, but luckily not I carried. Hahaha!

The group took such a longgggg time at the training site that we waited almost an hour there!

And then it was our turn. It was SOOOOO FUNNNNN! Especially the flying fox. However climbing the net after the flying fox was abit hard for me. I'm not a monkey ler!

Once finished all the obstacles in the training ground, we started our real stinct! Yeah!

In order to clear the whole course, we had to move from tree to tree via few routes suspended from 3m to 22m above ground. These courses totally test our strength, conquer our fear and push our ability to the max!

First, we had to climb a ladder mounted to very long tree! All the way UP to the first platform. It may look easy, but seriously after halfway thru, you'll feel like giving up. T.T

Then it was the part where I love! The hanging bridge!

How I wished I can took my own sweet time walking through the bridge.
But I CANT since there's freaking someone yelling CEPAT CEPAT. ZZzzzz... Potong stim.

And then the real deal came. Walking through the zig-zag planks, 'hopping' the 2 ft apart planks, walking through swinging logs, flying fox - total of 23 obstacles that will definitely put your body to extreme pains for days. Unless you got a good stamina ler. Hahaha!

However, if you're the 'chicken' type of person or realise that you unable to overcome your fear, there's always a exit point for you to cabut. Haha.

We finished the whole course at around 4 something, if not mistaken. It rained soooo heavily after that. IT was really blast, but it WOULD be better if we weren't rush to finish up the whole thing faster due to the weather la. zzz.

Conclusion, SkyTrex is indeed MUST-TRY activity if you're the adventurous seeker. If you're not, you can still try it - for fun. Lol!

P/s - Didn't take much picture as my dslr is carried by Sat while doing the challenges and Satkuru stopped talking pictures after being rushed and I didn't get pictures from William.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Secret Garden

It's weekdays again!
Blah.. Don't really like weekdays anymore since weekdays = working days. LOL!

*Check time* Walao.. It's 10.28 d. Gonna do a quick update and then hop to bed d. Don't know why I feel like blogging today and show to the world the wonderful flowers and fruits in mah beu-ti-ful garden. So, do bear with the less-words-post ya. :)

All the pictures were taken with mah 50mm lens. Quite blur for some as it was quite windy and cloudy that day. A good day for gardening though. Hehe.

Below were my neighbour's flower. Didn't know what's it called, but it's really nice. I want that type of flower as my future wedding flower! ROFLMAO!

More flowers. This time with a bug.

I decorated my garden with a windmill 2 months ago. I love looking at the windmill, spinning and spinning and spinning...

There's a jambu tree in my garden. A small tree but already bears fruits. Yumyum~

The best thing is the fruits are all sweet! Hmm... Can still taste the sweetness of the guava. :P

It was quite nice taking pictures of the flowers. It made me feel bonded to the nature and just appreciate the beauty of mother Earth.

Ahh.. Small purple flower standing tall among the green leaves, looking up at the blue sky full of cotton-ly clouds.

That's sneak peek of what my garden has in store. Time to sleep now. Goodnight :)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mysterious Egg

Sorry for the very late posting. Been going straight to bed half an hour after coming out from bathroom. Obviously half an hour won't be enough to chat, facebook, plurk, bloghop, shout and edit pictures.

Even now I'm yawning. Darn.


Last Sunday, I was woken up by my dad's shocking news - eggs found in the garden! He asked me to grab my DSLR and followed him down to the garden.

But I forgotten to charge my battery as it has dried the last time I used it. So, I told him that I had to charge it first and shall see the eggs later.

As sun setting down, I ran to the garden with both my lens, the 50mm and kit lens, but decided to use 50mm to take the pictures. (I want bokeh-kan my picture!)

My dad had already dug up the eggs from the sand filled polystyrene box and placed them on the pottery plate at the road bank for photography purposes.

My 3rd-house-neighbours was walking past my house with their twins that time, was wondering what were I taking picture of and decided to linger for awhile after seeing the tiny eggs.

We were all wondering what eggs were that, all started to guess if the eggs was the snake's that used to trespass our garden or the lizard's that roams freely in our garden or something else.

Dad ended all our speculations by conducting a mini dissection on one of the egg! Using a spade and a pair of scissors! Haha!

I even jokingly asked him if he needs my sis's dissection tool to open up the egg. Lol!

When dad saw the yolk, he thought probably this egg was still at earlier stage, the embryo wasn't even formed yet. And even wanted to open up another one, but I stopped him.

Feeling dissatisfied, he pulled out the yolk and he found the tiny lil 'body' with 2 black eyes attached to the yolk.

Carefully he pulled out the yolk, and there we can clearly see which species owns those 8 eggs.

And it belonged to the familar she-lizard at our garden. I heard that there's a he-lizard at the 3rd-house-neighbour's garden, so probably both of them mate and tadaaa... 8 eggs hidden in the pile of unused sand in the polystrene box.

After the mini experiment, the rest of the eggs were buried back into the polystrene box filled with sand. :)

Maybe few weeks later, there will be few baby lizards running freely in the garden. Hmm, to think bout it, keeping the eggs is a good thing or bad. *pondering*

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Fullhouse at NZX, Ara Damansara

What will a bunch of crazy people do when they meet up?

Hmm.. Maybe I should get that hat since it made me look feminine! AHAKS!

This is a backlog post again, for I didn't have any news to blog bout currently. If you're expecting Cambodia posts from me, don't worry then cz I'll start them in April! :)

IT was somewhere in late November when I met up with them for the last time before I head back to Penang for good. Besides making this a 'surprise' party for Mr. Leong (which was also a surprise farewell party for me as well), we decided to venture into new place for food instead of the ol' Murni, Chilis, TGIF etc2.

And after reading numerous blogs and recommendation from Jess and Steven(they went there not long ago, if not mistaken), we settled for Fullhouse.

I was awed when I walked into this place. It was so cosy, modern, white, sleek, chic, and and.. I should probably stop describing on as might end up writing adjectives that carries the same meaning here. Lol!

I simply adore all the things that are being sold in this 'lifestyle store/cafe'. But, I didn't bother to check on the price though, as I was at the verge of being broke that month. Too many outings! T.T

We were led to upstairs to a white lonnnng table of 10 and were given 3 kawaii-looking-menu ONLY. I was like, wtfish.. Why gave us 3 menu when there were 6 of us there?

So I thought MAYBEEE they didn't expect they'll have many customers dining, so didn't bother to 'print' much menu.

Or maybe the waiter thought that sharing is caring. LOL!

Oh well, we took turns to read the menu, placed our orders, continued chatting, and snapping while waiting for another 2 kawan to come.

One by one, our drinks came. They were very colourful, I likey!

But the thing that really caught my eyes was the stirrer. Those cute lil glasses at the end of the stirrer, awww... I want oneeee.... Eh no, I want allllllll... *greed clouded my mind*

If you look careful enough, you can spot Aaron's signature eyebrow in the picture above. Hiak hiak hiak!

Then slowly the food came. First, Steven's nasi lemak.

Followed by Aaron's steak.

And Jess's chicken chop. Very big hor the potion!

Lastly, B's fish and chips.

If you were wondering what Mr. Leong and I had that night, I'll gladly tell you that we ordered
their famous wok-seor chicken chop that came more than 2 hours later. T.T

You must be thinking, how could it be that long? I must be miscalculating the time.

Well, WaiSeng and Crystal came an hour late due to traffic jam had ordered and finished their food, yet our food haven't arrived. Aaron even had second rounds after feeling that he wasn't full, still no food in front of us. And my gastric already attacking my poor stomach that time. T.T

Yes, it was that bad. Up the extend that Mr. Leong bising-ed there and demanded to see the manager. (Don't ever anger our Mr. Leong, lol).

And the reason of all those delay?

IS because they didn't key in our order. -_-"

Again, I was shocked to hear that. I'm pretty sure that I wasn't the last person to place order, moreover we ordered 2 of those, not one. So, how can they didn't/forgotten to key in our order. Plus, we did remind them over and over again for our food when we realised that something was amiss. So, giving that kind of reason was simply ridiculous and unacceptable!

Apparently our table wasn't the only one had trouble that night, some other table had problems too. I heard from the guys when they settled the bill downstairs, one of the customers even told to the cashier that they'll never dine there again due to bad service.

I was like, WAHHHH! That terrible ar?!

Anyway, after we got our food, Mr. Leong's anger gone down the drain and everyone was back to joyful mood. We had some 'photography session' at the table and at the 'bedroom section' with the props before leaving Fullhouse.

Aww.. the menu cute kan? :)

IF you ask me is it worth going to Fullhouse for a meal, I would say it's IF you're going for the atmosphere. The food is rather okay only so yeah, I'd say your money goes to the atmosphere, the-special-feel' and the kawaii-looking-décors found in the building. :)

Before ending this post, I MUST MUST MUST post this pic where I look ala Paris Hilton (minus the clothing la) while B look like a nerd from school!

B don't keeeel me ya.. *hides under blanket*

( Hugs and Kisses and Love and Kisses)

P/s - To the people who went with me, MANA PHOTOS! Especially the group photos, I want them!!!